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Our Flatshares and Studios

EVERY single apartment of ours, WITHOUT EXCEPTION has a washing/machine cum dryer so I haven't mentioned it
Every unit also has INTERNET, Cable TV and a Phone and sometimes upto 2 lines in one single apartment - Do not panic
because ALL the subscriptions are included in the rent.

The Rents INCLUDE  Electricity - Heating - Internet Subsriptions - Telephone Line with phone plans for unlimited calls to
USA, UK, Germany, Canada...) cable tv subscriptions, building maintenance, water consumption.
Please see Dates and Rates page for rents and Dates
There is no commission because I am the direct  owner of all these apartments - I am not an agentThe exact rental price is
on the dates and rates page.
ALL flats are eligible for APL and we are CAF compatible landlords and give out contracts and receipts for everything. No
hanky panky.

If you see something interesting - go to the individual page of the apartment for details and pictures -
If  are looking for a room in a flatshare look at Next door to davinci - 3 musketeers -  united colours of paris - rive-gauche
rhapsody - rive-gauche rêve - paris boheme - paris delices - fiends in paris - Sunny side of life- c'est beau la vie - happy -
days and two step dance and so on. Your best bet is to start with the dates and rates page.

Most flatshares are mixed sexes Most flatshares are offered to groups already formed as flatshares -
Best is too write in with the number of people in your group and the dates and budget and the place of study and/or

    Our Raison d'etre

    This page might be of help to you if you are planning a stay in one of our apartments.  We look forward to welcoming
    you in of our flatshares. Our flatshares are geared towards short term stays.
    We started this 15 years ago and over the years we have specialised and now we mostly only offer flatshares to
    students and young interns on their year abroad. Centralparisrentals started in 2001 and over the years we have
    accommodated over 3000 students in our apartments. Every year we provide accommodation to over 200 students.
    Our tenants are mostly students from British unis.  My typical renter is an 18-21 student on his or her year abroad
    which in most cases involves an internship as well.
Our contracts

Our contracts our offered for a duration of 9 months minimum and one year maximum. If you wish to sya longer than a
year that is possible and the contract is renewed without any increase in the rental price.
If your stay is likely to be shorter than 9 months, you would still get a 9 month contract.
In all cases, there is a one month notice period.

The contract for flatshares can be either combined or individual; please discuss pros and cons with your group and
then decide. If you are unsure of whether you want to have a single contract or joint one please clarify advantages and
disadvantages with me by email.

For some apartments, I only offer joint contracts and for some I offer a choice.

Individual contract :
in this set up you are only responsible for your own rent and you may have individual departure and arrival dates.
However,  If a room becomes available in the apartment, you have no say in who occupies it and you are not
responsible for finding a new flatmate. Most of our contracts are individual contracts.

In the joint contract you are responsible along with the others regarding the rent and the landlady has no say in who the
occupants are in case one person drops out - Each person is responsible for the full rent in case one person does not
pay. The departure and arrival dates are common. Joint contracts work well when there is a group of friends who wish
to stay together and would liketo keep the group private. There is more privacy and control but there should be a
commom agreement on arrival and departure dates.

As the landlady I prefer joint contracts because individual arrives tends to cost me more and is more work for us. Hence
I often offer reduced rents when the contract is a joint one.
Sending an email
(Prefered contact)
You can use the
contact form if you like or just send me an email on indicating  the
following information:
Name - Email - your approximate budget duration of stay - number of people age _ nationality _ language_ address of
school or internship. I can then make suggestions - use same email thread please
My Coordinates
Please favour email and only call if you are already a tenant and it is an emergency.
Who we are - We
are the happy
owners of these
apartments: a
husband wife
team... Francis
Ledru and Roxanne
Roxanne Godiwalla or Roxanne Ledru is a graduate of the European school of Management or ESCP/EAP. Before that
Xavier's College - Bombay - Parsi/Indian/French/Parisian worked as a management consultant and in Telecom's at
Alcatel. Then stayed at home during maternity leave and furnished one went well, then the second and so
on and then never returned to Alcatel. Roxanne speaks English, French Hindi, Spanish...Repsonsible for putting all the
crazy music on the website and takes bad pictures. Your first contact.
Francis Ledru is x-mines and has a masters from Stanford University He was a managment consultant - he is the guy you
exchange with when you have a problem or need a CAF attestation - Francis speaks French, English, German, Russian.
He is French but nice...For the rest of the will have to wait till you get to Paris.