Here are the different steps to connect to the Internet :

0)        Prerequisites :
On a PC : built-in wifi (usually Intel “Centrino”) or wifi card
On a Mac : Mac OS version 10.1.5 minimum, built-in wifi (Airport) version 2.0 minimum

1)        Plug the Livebox on properly
This means that :
        in the phone plug in the wall there should be an ADSL filter plugged in, and a cable between this filter and the
Livebox (plugged into the “Line” plug in the Livebox)
        the phone should be connected to the ADSL filter; if the phone is plugged into a different phone plug than
the Livebox, there should also be an ADSL filter in this second plug, and the phone cable should also be plugged
through the filter.
On the Livebox there should be 2 lights on : the wifi light (sign something  like  "((  ))") and the Internet connection
light (sign :  "@"); the Internet connection light maybe either constantly on or slowly blinking (once per second or
less) or quickly blinking several times per second) = the latter case means the Livebox is not synchronised, and we
probably will have to call the technical assistance 3900 if step 2 below does not succeed

2)        Establish the connection between the PC and the Livebox
either in a wifi mode (by typing the WEP code after pushing the REG button...) or through an Ethernet or USB cable
In order to connect in a wifi mode your PC or Mac must be equipped with wifi technology (usually called Centrino on
PC’s and Airport on Mac’s).
If your Livebox is a SAGEM Livebox (see the word SAGEM on the bottom) you must first push the REG button on
the Livebox (near the power cable) and hold this button down till the wifi light blinks
If your Livebox is an INVENTEL Livebox (see the word Inventel on the bottom) you must first push the big “1” button
on the Livebox (on the front there are two big buttons : “1” and “2”) and hold this button down till the wifi light blinks

The button you must push is the “bouton d’association” as shown below (depending on the manufacturer)
Livebox Inventel        Livebox Sagem

Then you select the Livebox in the list of wireless networks (Control Panel / Networks / Wireless networks) and you
will be asked for a WEP code (26 character code, hexadecimal, which means digits from 0 to 9 and letters from A to
F; if you see a “0” it is actually a digit “zero”, not the letter “O”), maybe twice. If you have a Mac, you must select the
128 hex code among the list of possible Wep code types.

3)        Establish the connection between the Livebox and the Internet
by typing in the :
connection id "identifiant de connexion" = fti/…
and passord "mot de passe" = …

The 2 other data which may be requested, i.e. : "identifiant de messagerie" and "mot de passe de messagerie" are
irrelevant and never used

Once step 1 has been performed you should also be able to access your Livebox from your PC by using your
Internet Explorer and
typing the URL :, you must type : user = “admin” and mot de passé = “admin”

On a Mac, the URL is : or also : http://configuration.adsl or you can also try :, you
must type : user = “admin” and mot de passé = “admin”
And the network name will be something like “DW-B200*****“
and you can also activate the TV connection in the menu

If you don’t speak French, ask for an English speaking technician
You will need to give them your phone number, so get it ready